Contact information

  • Address: Raches
  • Postal code (ZIP): 370 05
  • City/Location: Alonissos Island
  • Phone: +306992219319


For visitors coming from around the world

You can visit us via the following  city - airports :

* SKIATHOS - JSI-                            then from Skiathos port  hydrofoil / ferry to Alonissos

* VOLOS / NEA ANCHIALOS -VOL   then from  Volos port  hydrofoil / ferry to Alonissos

* THESSALONIKI - SKG -                then from Thessaloniki port  hydrofoil to Alonissos  

* ATHEHNS - ATH -                          then car/ coach/ taxi to any of the following ports for ferry / hydrofoil to                                                                    Alonissos:    

                                                                          * Agios Konstantinos

                                                                          * Kymi in Evia

                                                                           * Mantoudi in Evia 


For visitors coming from  Greece

You can visit us by reaching  any of the following ports and taking  hydrofoil / ferry to Alonissos:

        * Agios Konstantinos

        * Kymi in Evia

        * Mantoudi in Evia

        * Volos

        * Thessaloniki


*****  We will meet you at the port  of Alonissos - Patitiri- and we will escort  you to the  villa.